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Want to share the principals of sustainability, renewable energy and organic farming? The Mississippi Mobile Farm on Wheels project can bring all this and more to you no matter what corner of the state you live in. Request a visit to your school, organization or event by contacting us today at See below for details.


  • $200 fee + $.40/mile for travel
  • Includes one hour presentation (can be for one or multiple classes/groups)
    • Each additional hour is $50
* If your school/group coordinates with another in the same area (within 30 miles of each other) on the same day then you may split the total fee and mileage.


  • $500 fee + $.40/mile for travel
  • Includes one hour presentation (can be for one or multiple groups)
    • Each additional hour is $100
  • Since large events (Farmer’s Markets, Festivals, Conferences, etc) are an opportunity for us to fundraise and ask for donations we will try to attend all events requested that are within 30 miles of MSAN offices in Oxford, MS free of charge.
  • All events that require a drive of more than 30 miles will be asked to pay $.40/mile for travel.

We have presentations fit for all ages, from pre-school to college. On the bus, there are worm bins, compost bins, a bee-hive (soon with live bees – don’t worry, they’ll be behind a glass plate), an model of lasagna gardening, a rain barrel as well as chickens and a variety of plants (herbs and veggies) growing. Soon we hope to be bringing a pot-bellied pig, sheep or goat along but we aren’t quite set up for that yet. We teach lessons on all of the above, as well as rainwater harvesting, soil building, sustainable gardening, the water cycle, renewable energy (the bus runs on waste vegetable/kitchen grease and bio-diesel as well as solar power). All demonstrations are interactive and opportunities for engaged, hands-on learning.

We do also have limited scholarships available if need be and would be happy to provide fundraising ideas if you’d like. To request information on either of these options, contact us at

What We Ask From YOU:

  • Parking Spaces Blocked Off
    • The bus requires a space of approximately 40’x10′ with the ability to get in and get out easily
  • Green Space (preferably in the shade) if you would like for us to bring animals
    • This could be a sports field, lawn or anything unpaved/non-gravel
  • If a school or youth group, a ratio of one adult supervising per 10 children
  • A Contact Person (name, phone number and email address) to meet us when we arrive
  • Name of all local newspapers and television stations for us to send a press-release to
  • Above fees must be paid in advance

What You Can Expect From US:

  • Fun, engaging and informative lessons designed by Mississippi educators specifically for this program
  • Interactive, hands-on activities
  • Professional demonstrations
  • Both pre- and post-visit recommendations for in-class activities, crafts or projects
  • An exciting and popular addition to your event
  • An experience you won’t soon forget and your students/members/visitors will be talking about for years to come!

3 thoughts on “Request a Visit”

  1. Tara Trost said:

    I am requesting a visit from the Farm on Wheels for Monday, May 14 for Grenada’s LEAP program. This would be for 2-5 graders & if this date is available I may get other schools to participate as well. I would prefer a presentation for the 2-3 graders then a separate presentation for the 4-5 graders.
    I am SUPER excited about this opportunity!
    Thanks so much,
    Tara Trost

  2. Karen cook said:

    Could you please send me more information about the lessons you teach for grades K-2 and 9-12 and what type of hands-on activities you do? Thanks!!

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