Wish List

While time and money are what we need most, there are many things that you could donate to the MS Mobile Farm on Wheels project that would be helpful as well. This can be done in the form of a targeted donation (specify on your check what you would like your money to be used for) or the donation of actual materials/resources/services. If you have any questions about making a donation or the items listed below, please contact us at msmobilefarm@gmail.com. Anything you wish to donate to the project can be mailed to:

Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network
c/o Farm on Wheels
185 CR 445
Oxford, MS 38655
What we are hoping Santa brings us this year … 

* Potting/Garden Soil & Organic Fertilizer/Composted Manure/Worm Castings

* Lumber and plastic sheets for raised beds and wood for mini chicken tractor

* Watering Cans

* Garden Hand Tools

* Tumbling Compost Bin

* Paint

* Greenhouse Roof (will be very expensive and is our next big project for the bus)

* Retractable Awning

* Roll-up Display Banner x 2

* Bus hubcaps x 4

* RainReserve Rain Barrel Kit

* Canopy Tent (10’x10′)

* Rectangular Tables x 2

* Sentry Safe

* Video camera and tripod

* Digital camera

* Bungee Cords (various sizes)

* Solar-powered Music Player 

* Wendell Berry bobble-head 😉

* Processed bio-diesel

* Bus maintenance

* Custom Magnets to be used for activities/presentations

* Harness Seat Belt for driver

* Rolodex

* Artwork to continue adding to the mural inside and outside!

* Volunteers needed at posted public events

* Grant-writers!

* If you are a Mississippi business or organization and have a sticker/bumper sticker then send it to us and will stick it on our Buy Local panel. Also, if you would like to donate items to be given away as prizes to students or to raffle off at events please email us at msmobilefarm@gmail.com with possibilities.

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