G6 Team

Six students recently graduated from the Mississippi School of Math and Science; Daniel Eisler, Robert Glenn, Tyler Crutcher, Ryan Chapman, Sterling Harper, and David Liang; were looking for something to do for the summer. After teaming up with Daniel Doyle of the Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute of Mississippi, this idea of converting a bus to vegetable oil for a senior trip spread into the “Mobile Farm on Wheels” project.

In the summer of 2011, they moved to Oxford where they worked with Doyle and several other local volunteers to complete the first phase of the project, converting the bus into a model of renewable energy running on waste vegetable oil (WVO) – a fancy name for kitchen grease – and solar power. The bus also got a fancy paint job from local muralist Wendy Hansen. When road-roady, they set off on a state-wide and then cross-country tour to promote renewable energy and sustainable agriculture for day camps and farmer’s markets all over the US. While they are all off at their respective colleges and universities now, they are still involved in further development of the bus as we transition into the second phase – turning it into a mobile farm!

The students decided to name themselves “The G:6” = “The Green 6”, and the six also stands for Great Greasy Green Garden Giddy-up Gang (oh, to be young again). Read below to meet the team and be sure to check out our blog archive to follow their progress through posts over the course of the project’s initial development as well as their Mississippi and cross-country tours.

Robert “Bobby” Glenn

Bobby lives in his hometown of Moss Point, MS. He attended Moss Point School District until his junior year of high school at which point he  transferred to the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. He played on the tennis and Ultimate Frisbee teams at MSMS and was president of the Student Environmental Awareness League. Bobby graduated with MSMS’s Class of 2011 this past May. His post-high school plans include a gap year during which he will drive the mobile organic farm around the state to give presentations at educational facilities. He also plans to apply to many colleges, work, and participate in meaningful travel during this time. He intends to major in Marine Science in college.

Bobby is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys activities such as hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, and hiking. His passion for the outdoors has inspired him to label himself as a conservationist. Since middle school he has worked with the Pascagoula River Audubon Center including internships for the summers of 2009 and 2010. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill inspired Bobby to study the effect of oil spills on the environment. Thanks to a scholarship from the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant he was able to travel to Cordova, Alaska and participate in the Prince William Sound Science Center’s Ocean Science and Leadership Expedition which discussed the effects the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill had on the local environment. When Bobby came back to Mississippi, he gave many presentations on the effects of oil spills on the environment around the state. Bobby hopes to continue educating himself and others on the importance of coexisting with the environment we live in and is excited about the mobile organic farm project.

Bobby is currently a student at Mississippi State University and is an active member of Students for a Sustainable Campus and MASS: Mississippi and Alumni and Students for Sustainability. He intends to pursue study bio-fuels and renewable energy.

If you are interested in contacting Bobby, you may email him at rmglenn11@gmail.com

Tyler “T-Crutch” Crutcher

Tyler on the MS Gulf Coast

Tyler lives in his hometown of Senatobia, MS. He attended Senatobia High School until his junior year of high school at which point he transferred to the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. He played on the cross country, soccer, and tennis and Ultimate Frisbee teams at MSMS and was president of the Astronomy Club, treasurer of Young Entrepreneurs, and coding captain for Gaming Design. Tyler graduated with MSMS’s Class of 2011 this past May. He is currently attending the University of Tennessee – Knoxville for a major in Nuclear Engineering while also participating in the Chancellor Honors Program. He also plans to keep continued participation and involvement with the mobile organic farm.

Tyler is sporty and technological with activities such as running, fishing, racquetball, x-box, and working with electronics. His enthusiasm for exercise and technology has brought together a mix of respect for nature and the role technology can play whether good or bad. Since junior high he has participated in People to People Student Ambassadors, worked for Senatobia Youth Soccer, been to many leadership seminars including Lion’s Club and Ole Miss, and involved in volunteer through school clubs. The Mississippi School for Mathematics provided even more opportunities highlighted by working for Ole Miss through Quarknet, internship at Neel-Schaffer, research in Yeast Bio-fuel at Mississippi State University, and participation in the 20th Tales From the Crypt. Through research and personal exploration Tyler has a great value on the importance of sustainable energy other than petroleum via nuclear, algae, yeast, or in this case vegetable oil. Tyler plans to continue educating himself and others on the importance of coexisting with the environment we live in and is ecstatic about the mobile organic farm project.

If you are interested in contacting Tyler, you may email him at crutcherty@yahoo.com.

Sterling Harper

Sterling canoeing with his dog

Sterling grew up in Gautier, Mississippi.  He attended Gautier’s schools under the Pascagoula School District until going to The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS) in the 11th grade.  While at MSMS, he participated in the Mississippi Model Security Council, Mississippi Science and Engineering Fair, and scientific research at Mississippi State University.  Sterling currently attends the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He plans to study physics and start a career in the field of plasma or nuclear physics.

Sterling enjoys adventure.  He was a leader in a Boy Scouts of America troop and he still occasionally participates in camping and canoeing.  He loves aviation and has done flying on the scenic Gulf Coast and the Colorado Rockies as well as exploring aerobatics.  He worked for a towing company and enjoys performing maintenance on cars and trucks.  He also enjoys creating scientific demonstrations and fixing lab equipment.  Sterling is looking forward to working with the bus as a fun and educational adventure with some of his closest friends.

You can contact Sterling at sterling_m_h@bellsouth.net.


Daniel Eisler

Daniel at an MSMS event

Daniel Eisler lives in Ocean Springs, MS where he attended Ocean Springs High School until his junior year at which point he transferred to the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, where he met the students who would later form this group.  While attending MSMS, Daniel served as the student government president, vice president of the young democrats, a member of the MSMS ultimate frisbee team, and a member of the Mississippi Model Security Council team among other things.  Daniel is currently studying studying medicine, physics, and philosophy at Swarthmore College.  He hopes to continue on to medical school to become a radiologist.

Daniel has always been one to follow through on his ideas, regardless how feasible.  For better or worse, there is always an experience to be had from trying.  From building a boat to buying a bus, Daniel always wants to be doing something, and that often includes music.  Daniel is amateur singer/songwriter, guitarist, ukulele player, and banjo player.  In addition to everything else, Daniel would not hesitate to call him self an environmentalist.  A combination of the science behind nature and the adventure to be had exploring it make conservation an important issue for Daniel, and he is greatly anticipating the farm on wheels project.

Daniel can be reached at eisler101@gmail.com.

Ryan Chapman

Ryan Chapman

Ryan Chapman has lived in Brandon, MS all of his life until the start of junior year in high school where he lived in the dorms of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. While attending MSMS, Ryan became active in sports including racquetball, ultimate, and ping pong. Other than sports, Ryan also was a part of several clubs including Astronomy club, Future Physicians of America, and Zombie club. After graduating MSMS, Ryan moved to Oxford where he currently attends ths University of Mississippi with a major in physics. After undergraduate school, Ryan plans on going into medical school.

Ryan has always been interested in the human body. Whether it is for the benefit of life or the origin of an ailment, it has gone through his head. His different hobbies include being a beginner at playing the bass guitar and spitting out tricks with a yo-yo. Ryan has always had an addiction for adventure, and his friends with their spontaneous ideas have not come short with supply. If anything else, Ryan believes the farm on wheels project will produce an exciting story with environmental conservation as the key. What else could be asked for?

Ryan can be reached at rwchapman1992@gmail.com.

David Liang

David Liang lives in Cleveland, MS where he attended Cleveland High School for his freshman and sophomore years of high school before transferring to the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science his junior year.  While attending MSMS, David served as senior class vice president, service club president, and a member of racquet club among other activities.  David attends University of Pennsylvania where he is majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior.  From there he hopes to go on to medical school to train in the field of anesthesiology.

David in the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge

David loves biology.  From his obsessive love of fishing to studying renewable fuels at Mississippi State University, David truly loves the study of life.  During the summer, David works at the United States Department of Agriculture in Stoneville, MS.  There, he researches the effects of photoperiods, cold temperatures, and diapause on many of the most destructive pests on southern crops.  Always a passionate and spontaneous individual, David has built cars, canoes, and compost heaps simply for the learning adventure.  In part because of his hobby of studying automobiles, David is intimately familiar with the cost of using gasoline and the urgent need of discovering and utilizing natural, renewable, and sustainable resources.  David looks forward to the farm on wheels project because of the promise of alternative sources of fuel and as his next great learning adventure.

David can be reached at davidliang11@yahoo.com

“When people can see a vision and simultaneously recognize what can be done step by step in a concrete way to achieve it, they will begin to feel encouragement and enthusiasm instead of fright.” ~ Erich Fromm