The Project

The project itself will be split up into two phases. Phase I was completed in June of 2011, prior to the state-wide and x-country trips, and consisted of the conversion to a model for alternative, renewable energy with a waste vegetable oil/bio-diesel engine and solar installation.. In addition, the bus got a fancy new design and paint job from Mississippi muralist Wendy Hansen.

In July, the team took the bus around the state first and then around the country to test it out, raise awarness about altenative energy and raise money for the completion of the project. Follow their progress on their blog.

Upon return, we have moved on to Phase II, which will consist of turning the bus into a mobile farm-on-wheels! This entails installing a compost bin, bee-hive, worm bin as well as a greenhouse roof on the bus and a rainwater catchment system which will be used to irrigate the garden that will be planted inside of the bus! And not just starts, but an entire micro-ecology with dwarf trees, perennial shrubs as well as annual flowers and vegetables! Flora will be joined by fauna as we hope to build a small chicken coop on the bus (hatched from our incubator) – don’t worry, they will only sleep on the bus and will free-range during the day with a portable fence.

photo-7This second phase is nearly complete, with the installation of beautiful skylights in the roof finally finished to allow interior growing space!

The bus will soon be back on the road, visiting schools, organizations and events throughout Mississippi to begin educating our children on each of these key components to sustainability; from raising chickens to growing your own food organically, from bi-odiesel to solar arrays, from worm tea and composting to soil building and rainwater harvesting … and so much more! 

To find out more about how you can request the bus to come and visit your school, event or organization visit our Request a Visit page. Also, we have relied on generous donations to get to where we are now and will continue to do so in order to complete the project. If you would like to make a donation to the MS Mobile Farm on Wheels project and help us complete the project, visit the Make A Donation Today! page right away or check out our Wish List.

“The only basic and comprehensive answer to the colossal harm that our present industrial system is causing to the global environment – harm that could lead to the extermination of all life on earth – is to replace it with a sustainable system – geared largely to the non-polluting, life-enhancing products of the living world”

~ Robert A de J Hart ‘Forest Gardening’