The Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute of Mississippi is a state-wide educational, research and outreach network. It was established in 2009 as a 501c3 non-profit organization to share the empowering and life-changing message of sustainability with Mississippi. Our interdisciplinary focus is on improving quality of life through sustainable building, farming, recreation and conservation practices. By educating individuals in making sustainable choices we are gaining ground on issues of equity, poverty, education, health and the environment. Our work focuses on showcasing advances in ecological design, environmentally sound farming and forestry practices, and advances in sustainable living through research, scientific inquiry, community service, regional outreach, and tourism. Our goal is to provide opportunities for individuals, students, entrepreneurs, families, and communities to learn, to experience first-hand, and to find new ways in improving their lives through sustainable choices.

Gaining Ground holds an annual Sustainable Living Conference each spring, produces The Southern Good Life – a journal of sustainable living, hosted the state’s first Farm to School Summit and supports Farm to School pilot programs throughout the state, and conducts workshops and events with our local chapters from the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast. We are resource for you and hope that you consider being a part of the organization.

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In the spring of 2013, GGSIM donated the Mobile Farm to the newly-forming Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) where Daniel Doyle, former Executive Director of GGSIM, now serves as Statewide Coordinator. MSAN supports healthy farms and communities to develop economically and ecologically responsible local food systems throughout Mississippi.

The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) supports financially sustainable farming practices that benefit our people and our land. MSAN provides:

  1. a forum where Mississippi farmers and food consumers share ideas, tips, techniques, and information; and
  2. outreach, support and educational opportunities that promote sustainable farming and local food systems in Mississippi.

Mission: Make sustainable farming and local food production thriving enterprises in Mississippi.

Goals: MSAN has four primary goals, to …

  1. Create Forums for:
    • Policy Changes and Advocacy
    • Technical Assistance and Idea Exchange
    • Group Purchasing and Equipment Sharing
  2. Create a Database of
    • Members (farmers and consumers)
    • Local agricultural know-how
  3. Encourage Growth of the Sustainable Farming Community in Mississippi through
    • Workshops/Conferences/Forums/Events
    • Farm Tours/Demo Farms
    • Mentorship/Apprenticeship Programs
  4. Connect Farmers with Markets and Consumers with Farmers

MSAN Definition of Sustainable Farming: Sustainable farming meets environmental, human health, economic, and social objectives simultaneously. It promotes …

  1. The health of farmers, consumers and their communities;
  2. Stewardship of the environment and non-renewable resources; and
  3. Long term financial viability

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