We are super excited to make some highly anticipated announcements after nearly a year of silence.

First, we want to let everyone know that the bus is nearly complete with Phase II of the overall project. With our fantastic team, the G6 who are all sorely missed while they’re off getting educated at institutes of higher learning around the country, no longer around to fuel the fire it has taken a while to complete Phase II. photo-7You might remember, we completed all of Phase I (converting the bus to run on biodiesel/vegetable oil and solar power – which included gutting the bus to install tables and beds as well as a full-body paint job) in less than a month thanks to their youthful enthusiasm before taking the bus around the state and cross-country to promote renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. Complete as a model of renewable energy, we still were left with the task of turning our bus into a mobile farm. So we are very happy to say that the biggest part of Phase II is now complete. Thanks to the wonderful people at Couvillion Desgn + Build in Starkville, MS we now have light – that’s right, six beautiful skylights run the length of the interior letting in sunshine that will feed our plants on the mobile farm!

We’ve also been able to do a little more painting, with artists Jude Landry and Thomas Grasskoff decorating our tires. Justin Malone had fun adorning the interior with cartoon veggies along with Meaghan Doyle while visiting from New England.

We would also like to announce new ownership, with the bus being passed along by GGSIM to the newly-forming Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) where Daniel Doyle, former Executive Director of GGSIM, now serves as Statewide Coordinator. MSAN supports healthy farms and communities to develop economically and ecologically responsible local food systems throughout Mississippi.

MSAN_Logo-03The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) supports financially sustainable farming practices that benefit our people and our land. MSAN provides:

  1. a forum where Mississippi farmers and food consumers share ideas, tips, techniques, and information; and
  2. outreach, support and educational opportunities that promote sustainable farming and local food systems in Mississippi.

Mission: Make sustainable farming and local food production thriving enterprises in Mississippi.

553741_548164038531836_588749450_nFinally, MSAN is excited to announce that we will be bringing on a new Director for the MS Mobile Farm on Wheels project – Shaundi Wall! Wall comes to the MS Mobile Farm with years of experience as a classroom teacher, unbridled enthusiasm to reaching our youth, and a deep personal commitment to healthy living, eating, and growing! She can also play a mean penny-whistle and her name is on the wall of fame in Taylor Grocery – see photo for proof. Shaundi will be taking over the blogging duties so expect some exciting updates in the days to come.

We still have a little bit of work to do but are beginning to take requests for visits – so if you are organizing an event this summer or fall, would like to see the bus in your community or at your school, or want to have a presentation done for your group or organization then request a visit today or email msmobilefarm@gmail.com.

Hope to see you soon …