While we are just now headed south from Colorado and will soon by back in Mississippi, it gives us an opportunity to get caught up with some of our blogging!

On our way to the Grand Canyon, we passed some pretty incredible windmills and were amazed as the landscape changed right before our eyes (it’s does that a lot when driving across the country!).


July 17th

We made it to the Grand Canyon!

To everyone who thinks the canyon is in the middle of a plantless desert, think again!  The rim is completely surrounded by trees and lush dessert life.  (I know this because from where we parked which was about eight hundred feet from the rim, I could not see the canyon for the trees obstructing the view!)  Anyway, for our first day at the Grand Canyon, we decided to take a shorter trail and save the Bright Angel trail for tomorrow. Therefore, all the guys except Daniel began hiking down Hermit’s Rest trail.  Daniel, meanwhile took a twelve mile bike ride around the edge of the rim.  Though the trail was only five miles in total, it was quite trying as the only place to refill water was at the very end of the trail and it was a very steep decline to the bottom of the canyon.

Needless to say, we were all exhausted at the end of an amazing day!The Grand Canyon is absolutely breathtaking and anyone who has never been should definitely make the trip.


July 18th

Daniel, Sterling, and David woke up at two o’clock in the morning to hike the Bright Angel trail.  Our reasoning for this insane move was, it would have cool temperatures and we would be able to see the sunrise over the canyon.  Therefore, we hiked the six miles to the bottom of the canyon is pure darkness aside from our flashlights and lanterns.  We actually got so close to a deer munching on a tree that I could have reached out and touched it.  Awesome!

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We reached the end of the trail around 4:45ish and watched the most beautiful sunrise ever.  It was slightly spoiled as I (David) was bitten by the largest ant I have ever seen.  The other guys, Bobby and Ryan, left around 5:00ish and Tyler stayed in the bus.  We met up with Bobby and Ryan around 7:00 at the rim.  Then, after a quick breakfast of peanut butter sandwiches, Sterling and I began the arduous trek back to the top.

Daniel and the rest of the guys stayed at the rim a while longer.  On the trail, we met a family from Germany we kept leapfrogging with to the top and saw a deer walking on the trail ahead of us.  Bobby, meanwhile got his hand bitten by a squirrel (it was his own fault).  Tired beyond exhaustion, Sterling and I collapsed at the top of the rim and then ate the largest (and most expensive) pizza ever to restore our energy.  We met up with the guys at the bus and then headed on to Vegas!