Our Mississippi tour kicked off with a trip to Jackson, MS where we participated in the “Fondren After Five” event.  The excitement was evident in everyone we spoke to that afternoon, and we were happy to return the enthusiasm.  Before heading out of town, we stopped at a local fine dining restaurant, “Nicks” where we filled our 100 gallon capacity full to bursting.  We cannot fully express our appreciation for their generosity! We cruised all the way back to Oxford on pure veggie oil.

Our next stop was Starkville’s Community Garden Center, we may have had to wake up at 4 a.m. to make it there on time, but it was all worth it once the questions started rolling in, it was a great opportunity to give the whole G6 team a chance to test their presentation skills, thank you everyone in Starkville!  From Starkville we made the long drive south all the way to Moss Point, where we had another presentation at the Pascagoula River Audubon Center.  As several of the G6 are from the coastal area, this stop was a great opportunity to see friends and family and show them what all of the hard work has been for.  While on the coast, the team took a divide and conquers approach to locating some waste vegetable oil.  While there was some frustration, several restaurants were happy to donate only to discover that their oil had been collected just recently, we finally found and collected from Government Street Grocery, Mosaic, and Mediterraneo in Ocean Springs.

From the coast, we headed up to Hattiesburg to do a presentation at the Sunrise Garden Center where we encountered some old friends from the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, Jackson Perkins, Claire Ratliff, and Henry Wang all came out to support their old classmates. From Hattiesburg we headed back up to Oxford to attend our own going away party at the Power House.  The Music was fantastic with performances by Gulel Kumba of Afrissippi and Silas Reid and Da Books.

Before heading out on the road cross-country on Tuesday, we had an opportunity to meet with some children and go over our presentation. We visited both the University of Mississippi Willie Price Nursery School as well as the Oxford-Lafayette Boys and Girls Club. Both groups were great and it was inspiring to see how excited the kids got about bio-diesel and worm composting!

We just want to say thank you to everyone for an amazing tour of our home state and ask for everyone to wish us luck as we venture across the country!

To see more photos from the tour, go to Facebook and search for ‘farm on wheels’!